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Your Imaginary virtual world
is now a REALITY!!


Augmented Reality (AR) is a new age technology that allows the user to transform the real world objects into a digitally enhanced rich media experience. This rich media experience consists of viewing interesting content in the form of videos, images, animations, 3D, and discover what’s around them, etc by just scanning images with the augmented reality application.

It diminishes the thin line between the print and digital world, thereby, giving the users a captivating experience that stays in their mind for long.

Scan print materials in newspapers, magazines, billboards, objects, labels etc to view rich digital experiences and interact with your world in a whole new way!

What AR can do?

Augmented Reality offers endless possibilities.

AR can be used almost everywhere and in everything whether it is print, object, location etc thus enriching it with impressive digital content that creates a WOW experience and delight for the end consumer.


Magazines, Newspapers, Leaflets

Bring your print content come alive with augmented reality. Enable news stories, images, labels, product launches etc to let users explore and engage with your content.


Billboards, Posters, Hoardings

Take your outdoor advertising to next level through augmented reality services. Boost your brand’s marketing and advertising to enhance users mind share on your promotions.


To discover what’s around your location

Point your phone and see the world around you be it restaurants, deals, dealer stores, service centers etc. Augment your location with realtime information of your point of interests.

Object Recognition

Direct connect with product

Let your product speak directly with your customers. Whether it’s a recipe on a noodle box, how to use demo of grinder or buying the product from mobile, users have never before given such a platform for brand connection.

QR codes

Instant code recognition

Now you don’t need to install separate application for QR code. With Alive, brands get to have basic recognition with redirection to destinations.

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