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What is in Augmented Reality for publications

July 21,2014

Augmented reality technology has been there for quite some time and is being used by various media companies. Broadcasters use it quite often to display enriched analysis of news or live sports event on television. You may have noticed colored lines emerging on the screen to show the position of the players in the field or a moving line curving from one point to other showing how a ball was hit into the goal post.

Publications have always been seeking new ways to engage its readers, create loyalty and measure the success of the content that was put in the main section of the newspaper expecting an audience pull. Newspapers offers polls, surveys, games like crossword, puzzles, comic strips to strike a chord with different age groups expecting them to remain intact with their newspaper for longer period of time and at the end provide some fun and experience to the readers so that they come back. In the past few years, Augmented reality development on web and mobile applications has brought a fresh perspective to the print industry on how they perceive augmented reality technology for their line of businesses.

Augmented reality is becoming a great interest area as it has all the interactivity mediums thus providing a new game plan for the media companies to create a delightful wave for its readers. Publications are today interested and want to know about augmented reality and how it can fit into their print strategy. It starts from basic medium of image recognition to invoke engagements like videos or wap pages and can go into more complex way of rendering content like 3D, virtual tours etc on smartphones. Augmented reality brings new ways to engage and create stickiness to its readers and also provides the readers a fun and new experience when they read their piece of story.

Augmented reality cannot be just a ‘me to’ service to have. Publications need to understand their content strategy on what content they want to enable it with augmented reality and what experience they can give to the users that increases their mind share for that newspaper or magazines. Does publication have video or any digital content that they want to empower on their print medium or they just want to add interactivity channels on the image to be enabled with augmented reality? Augmented reality cannot be just considered a technology enabler that will create wonders for the print from day one. A thoughtful integrated approach of print and digital has to be put on the table before venturing into augmented reality enablement. Right augmented reality content plan can give enormous benefits to the publications, provided it is done more at a strategic level than tactical. ALIVE, an augmented reality platform provides specialized services to help you conceptualize and design the Augmented Reality Experiences best suited for your product/brand campaign.

ALIVE More than just Image Recognition

November 21,2014

Most of the readers know that Augmented Reality (AR) is the Image Recognition technology which transforms the physical environment with computer-generated elements & provide additional information or virtual experiences. But what most readers don’t know is that, in reality there is a huge potential with AR, like: gaming and other forms of entertainment, medicine, translation, location recognition / travel assistance and commerce, etc.

For Brands, AR can offer the best in class experiences by offering the real-world advantages of touch, feel, motion sensing, location, 3D demonstrations with additional interactive digital enhancements. Augmented Reality can be used to provide consumers with the latest deals and up-to-date information, enhanced product demonstrations, 3 dimensional views of the surface of an image or product, an interactive social media experience and much more.

In today’s era, where brands follow the mantra that “The more you are able to keep your customers engaged, the more you’ll be able to sell your products”, hence Alive fits really well for each & every industry. And with advanced Augmented Reality platform - Alive Studio, conceptualizing and designing customer engagement campaigns is so easy that it can be considered amongst the best new age mediums to boost customer engagement and sales performance for brands.

Ranveer Singh talks about World AIDS Day on ALIVE

December 09,2014

Alive, the latest Augmented Reality platform was used by Durex, the most known brand for condoms, to talk to people about safe sex. Ranveer Singh encouraged his fans to discuss about sex through new Durex campaign, on World AIDS Day, which was celebrated on 1st December 2014. Alive augmented the print ad of Durex, where users could scan the image of Ranveer Singh, published in The Times of India, and watch him talk about sex and use of condoms. Not only this, users could also visit the Durex wap page and learn more about making love without fear. Alive helped Durex, in spreading awareness by engaging and educating the users, through interactive video and leaving a mark in their mind to think about it.

Romance in Chaar Kadam song shot beautifully in Belgium

January 05,2015

The song titled 'Chaar Kadam' from the movie ‘PK’ introduces the romance between Sushant Singh Rajput and Anushka Sharma, has been shot in a beautiful city of Belgium. The location evokes the romantic European feel in the song.

Alive brings out the love in Bruges, the city in Belgium where this romantic song was shot. Alive powered Belgium Tourism in spreading the word about their most romantic place where they invited couples and honeymooners to take part in the exciting contest to win a 3-nights/4-days holiday package to Bruges and Flanders. The contest was simple to play, where users had to enter their details and answer three easy questions about Bruges and stand their chance to win the trip to beautiful city. Belgium Tourism in association with Alive gave the chance to all couples to capture their own version of Chaar Kadam in ‘The City of Romance’ and relive their ‘PK’ moments in Bruges. After scanning the print ad, users could play the contest, watch behind the scenes of the making of the song and watch exclusive pictures of the song.

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AlivePIX Make photos and video sharing magical

January 15,2015

Millions of people create videos every day to share their fun moments, memories and connect with the people and things that matter to them most.  Alive, one of the leading augmented reality app has launched a new service that lets you create augmented photos from videos and share the hidden memories behind each video with your friends and relatives.

AlivePIX, is an experience that lets you augment your own photos, adding templates and share it with your close one’s on facebook and other social sites, to scan and see the picture come alive on mobile handsets. There is no limit to how many AlivePIX you can create and share. AlivePIX is at present available on Android and will be launched on iOS very soon.

To get started with AlivePIX, download Alive App by visiting on your mobile handset. Open Alive App and notice the AlivePIX logo on top right corner of your screen. Click on the logo to start creating your own AlivePIX.
•    Choose and upload a video from phone gallery.
•    Select a photo from one of the frames in the video, which will be made into your AlivePIX.
•    Customize it in various themes like Birthday, Thankyou, Sorry etc. (You also have the option to Skip this step)
•    Click Save and your AlivePIX is ready. You can share the created AlivePIX, on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS and Email.

The receiver can enjoy the AlivePIX created by you, by scanning it with Alive App and see the attached video come alive on their mobile handsets.

The end result is an easily shareable picture which is attached with your life fun moments and memories. It is a fun way to share and see videos!

Alive unlocks the drama and thrill of the movie Roy

February 17,2015

TimesMobile recently did a campaign on ALIVE (Augmented reality app) for the movie ‘ROY ’, where the users could scan the image printed in The Times of India & watch the Trailer of the movie.

The movie features the promising actors of bollywood industry, Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranbir Kapoor. Movie has unlimited drama and thrill for the audience making it a most awaited movie for the year, till now.

Alive unveils the new Hyundai i20 Active

March 20,2015

Hyundai has jumped onto the 'cross style' of vehicles with the new i20 Active. The 'cross style' essentially are hatchbacks with beefed up bodywork and an elevated stance that makes them appear like SUVs while retaining their hatchback dimensions. TimesMobile recently did a campaign on ALIVE (Augmented reality app) for the new Hyundia i20 Active, where users could scan the image printed in The Times of India and experienced the new car on their phone. Alive made the car come live on the mobile screens by showcasing a 3D model of the car. Not only this, after scanning the ad, users were taken on a virtual ride in i20 experiencing the new features of the car. Finally the ride stopped on a page where users could directly book a test drive, watch TVC, know more details about the car and share the new i20 experience with their friends on facebook and twitter.

Alive helped in making the launch of this car a big success, using Augmented Reality platform and providing users a fun filled experience by just scanning the advertisement.

ALIVE PIX A change in the AR Industry

April 02,2015

Alive Pix is the trend changer service launched recently by Alive, offering an interactive service to its users. This is an app that lets you augment your own pictures using AlivePix. It is a fun and easy mobile app that let you share moments of your life with friends and family by creating pix that launch short personal videos on scanning. The end result of using AlivePix is an easily shareable picture which is attached with your life fun moments and memories. It is a fun way to share and see videos. This season, share your fun moments and memories with your dear ones, using Alive Pix. It enables the users to choose existing pics and select a theme which will be made into their own Alive Pix. This Alive Pix can be shared through social platforms and printed to scan and experience the magic using Alive App.

Experience Alive Pix by downloading Alive App by visiting the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android. Visit now!

CHD Developers unlocks the luxuries of life with Alive

May 20,2015

Realty firm CHD Developers are coming with a new project in Sohna, Gurgaon called Resortico – 24 x 365 resort life. The project offers a blissful life where you come home to sandy beaches, warm blue skies, and all the luxuries of a resort one could wish for; that too 24x365. At CHD Resortico tall towers stand overlooking winding pathways, undulating lawns, colourful flowering shrubs and an exquisite beach like pool. The company would start construction in the next four months after obtaining the environment clearance and the project would be completed in four years after that. TimesMobile recently did a campaign on ALIVE (Augmented reality app) for this upcoming project, where users could scan the logo and the print ad published in newspapers and experience the unmatched Mediterranean resort life created around 1 BHK smart serviced apartment. After scanning user could see the locations of various CHD projects on the map. Not only this user could also see the project details like, about the project, picture gallery showcasing flat, society and facilities available. At the same time he could also call directly to get in touch with CHD for any queries, visit company website and get directions to the project area.

Alive helped in making the launch of this project a big success, using Augmented Reality platform and providing users a one stop destination for all the queries regarding CHD and Resortico.

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