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What is in Augmented Reality for publications

July 21,2014

Augmented reality technology has been there for quite some time and is being used by various media companies. Broadcasters use it quite often to display enriched analysis of news or live sports event on television. You may have noticed colored lines emerging on the screen to show the position of the players in the field or a moving line curving from one point to other showing how a ball was hit into the goal post.

Publications have always been seeking new ways to engage its readers, create loyalty and measure the success of the content that was put in the main section of the newspaper expecting an audience pull. Newspapers offers polls, surveys, games like crossword, puzzles, comic strips to strike a chord with different age groups expecting them to remain intact with their newspaper for longer period of time and at the end provide some fun and experience to the readers so that they come back. In the past few years, Augmented reality development on web and mobile applications has brought a fresh perspective to the print industry on how they perceive augmented reality technology for their line of businesses.

Augmented reality is becoming a great interest area as it has all the interactivity mediums thus providing a new game plan for the media companies to create a delightful wave for its readers. Publications are today interested and want to know about augmented reality and how it can fit into their print strategy. It starts from basic medium of image recognition to invoke engagements like videos or wap pages and can go into more complex way of rendering content like 3D, virtual tours etc on smartphones. Augmented reality brings new ways to engage and create stickiness to its readers and also provides the readers a fun and new experience when they read their piece of story.

Augmented reality cannot be just a ‘me to’ service to have. Publications need to understand their content strategy on what content they want to enable it with augmented reality and what experience they can give to the users that increases their mind share for that newspaper or magazines. Does publication have video or any digital content that they want to empower on their print medium or they just want to add interactivity channels on the image to be enabled with augmented reality? Augmented reality cannot be just considered a technology enabler that will create wonders for the print from day one. A thoughtful integrated approach of print and digital has to be put on the table before venturing into augmented reality enablement. Right augmented reality content plan can give enormous benefits to the publications, provided it is done more at a strategic level than tactical. ALIVE, an augmented reality platform provides specialized services to help you conceptualize and design the Augmented Reality Experiences best suited for your product/brand campaign.

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