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zipAR The New Location Based Feature

August 11,2015

As the popularity of AR and interactive print continues to grow alongside mobile innovation, more and more consumers across the globe are looking for instant, real-time data about their surroundings. Alive’s widely popular technology allows location-based information to be displayed in a “heads up” augmented view of the real world. Brands have been turning to the Alive solution to provide their own custom interactive print app experience to customers while maintaining their brand identity. Now, brands can also use the application to display relevant, real-time location-based data.

In addition to scan able images, you can now also use the application, for displaying location-based content like nearby shop locations, real estate information and more! When used together with scan able content, the combination opens up exciting new possibilities. Imagine scanning an ad for a brand or any logo to see nearby locations, or viewing the locations of nearby events by scanning an event calendar.

With Alive’s new ZipAR feature, user can scan the brand logo and instantly see the nearest store, outlet of the brand around. On scanning the application offers a set of options to its users for a complete experience. It includes list view, compass view, map view, instant call to action, category search, picture gallery and much more.

Over 1.5 million users have downloaded the Alive App for iOS and Android, and it has partnered with more than 250 brands for their AR campaigns and powers content of 20 leading publications every month, with its new and innovative Augmented Reality experiences.

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