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QR Scanner

Recognizes all different
type of QR instantly.

QR Scanner

Use Alive app to scan any QR code you see around on print, product or even on a business card. QR codes offer an efficient way to create links to website or storing text, phone numbers, email addresses, or calendar events, or send SMS messages.

Alive app can recognize all different type of QR and gives you the instant result on your phone.

QR on a print

Use Alive app to scan QR code on any print materials like ads, brochures, leaflets etc and get instant information about it.

QR on a product

Alive app can also scan QR code present on any product like shampoo, cereal box or even on a medicine strip. Just point your phone on QR code with Alive app and explore the content behind it.

QR on business card

Scan business card with QR to get V card and save it on your address book.

Have all in one app. You don’t need to install separate application for QR and Image recognition. Alive gives you the best recognition results thus giving the best of both.

Experience now!

Alive app gives you an enhanced view of multimedia content on your phone. Scan the QR code with Alive app and experience it.

QR code Scanner

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